Mac memory test.How to test your Mac OS X RAM?

Has your Mac OS X system crashed many times? Have you had problems with running applications? If your answer is 'yes' - probably you have some troubles with your Mac RAM memory sticks. There are some methods to test memory modules. You should do Mac memory check! I will show you how to do your Mac memory test.

Download and install memtest for Mac OS X.

At the begining you should have memtest application prepared to work with specific Mac OS X hardware architecture. If you don't have that application - you can download a compiled binary here. Memtest is a UNIX application similar to Linux memtest86. After complete installation you can find memtest command in /usr/bin directory.

Mac memory test with memtest.

After successful installation of memtest you are ready to test your computer's memory. Memtest is prepared to run in Single User Mode. If you have only Mac OS X installed on your computer (without any external boot managers like rEFIT) it is quite easy: - power down your machine - power it up while holding Command and S keys You can release those keys when you see black screen with white text with logging information from your system starting in Single User Mode. After all logging is done your system is ready to run memtest command, just type:

memtest all

When the test is completed you should see a message with information about your Mac memory status. If your system freezes during the test you have probably some problems with computer memory chip(s).



macbook wrote

is there a way to test with UBCD or other memtest soft ? but in DOS-like mode ?

i think those soft did a better hardware test than OS soft …