How to install Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 on XenServer 5.6?

This short tutorial will help you install Ubuntu on XenServer. This requires that the XenServer and the guest network have access to the Internet (we use network install - not CD/DVD)

Open XenCenter application and then click on New VM wizard

New XenCenter 5.6 includes Ubuntu Lucid templates. We will use this template in a 64bit version. Choose Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 version from templates and click next

On the next step enter the machine name:

Now we need to set an installation source. I will use url installation. Please enter for url iso image:

Then choose which server you want to place your machine on:

Next assign memory and cpu for your new machine

Now it’s time to create storage for Ubuntu machine

After that configure network interfaces (depends on your dom0 machine)

And that’s all. In the end click next and then finish. XenServer is starting to create your new VM. Your machine will show up on the left side in the tree menu with a yellow icon on it. VM should start automaticaly. When the icon turns into a green colour on your VM choose a machine and then click on the console tab on the right. You should see Ubuntu installer menu.

Finally it’s time for normal Ubuntu installation. Good luck!



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