Growing file

Starting named daemon in debug mode can cause problems with huge size of file. By default named save debug information to /var/named/ file. You can stop writing to it by disabling debug mode. Check that your named runs without debug option:

 ps ax|grep named named -d 3 -c /etc/named-master.conf 

If -d flag exists try to restart named without it and check again

 ps ax|grep named named -c /etc/named-master.conf 

And that's all. 

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Due to data migration I'm adding  here Derek's comment:

A safer way to do this is the following:

1. delete (can be in /var/named, /var/cache/bind, etc, depending on the flavor of Linux).
2. "rndc notrace" to disable debug in bind
3. "rndc reload" to reopen file handles. 

If you're running bind in production, killing it is not usually an option.




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